Welcome to the beehive of Čebelarstvo Bernetič

Our beekeeping

I have been dealing with beekeeping for a number of years, since I was 16 years old when I picked up the first swarm. This branch does not lie to everyone, but at that time, I saw in the bees satisfaction and happiness, that I passed on to my family. So today we produce quality Karstic honey with full, sweet and healthy taste.


Through our years of beekeeping, several products based on bee crops have been placed on our shelves. In this way you can buy several types of honey, some with the designation “Karst honey”, pollen and gift packs, which are suitable for gifting. All the products are available in many sizes so that you can choose the right one for you.

"If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live."